Design 3D Packaging Development

Discover ergonomic and competitive opportunities by getting your design criteria into 3D early (Tools = ALIAS)

When creating a package we build or import various design criteria as references into a single 3D package file. These elements may then easily be turned on or off within the working 3D design throughout the duration project.

Useful packaging elements may include: Scan data, engineering criteria, ergonomic 3D manikin, models of competitive products, and 3D homologation widgets. Such elements must often be either created from raw data or converted from other software formats into usable layers that are all at the correct scale and position.

For example: If you wanted to design a new roadster in the $30-50K range for a global market, we may start by putting together a package including: correctly scaled polygon models of a Porsche Boxter, Toyota MR2, Mercedes SLK, Audi TT. We would also create layers with your drive train, carry over parts, an ergonomic manikin, and later we may add regulation widgets for European, Asian and American light and bumper strike homologation .

A well executed packaging phase save valuable time and resources at the end of a project!

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