Facelift Design Presentation Renderings

Product face-lifts and retrofits quickly modeled and visualized for clients (Tools = ALIAS, MAYA, PHOTOSHOP)

In the design world, product updates, retrofits and face-lifts are as common as new developments. DESIGNADE artists have extensive experience in the visualization that drives these types of design decisions.

In this business jet example the layout of the aircraft interior was to be changed. Top decision makers needed to see what how this retrofit would look in special terms and in terms of materials juxtaposition. Our artists used a coupled of photographs and basic fuselage dimensions to match the perspective of the photos. The team then build quick visualization NURBS models of the new seats and cabinetry. Materials were scanned and along with lighting were matched to the photos. The resulting set of renderings was hit with decision makers and fabricators alike who used them as a guide to the project specification.


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