3D Design Surface Development

Bring your design vision to life in a highly interactive, creative and iterative 3D process (Tools = ALIAS)

The automotive, vip aviation, and marine industries have increasingly come to rely on a single software tool to create developmental design surfacing. This tool is ALIAS Studio (from Autodesk).

ALIAS dominates this specific phase creative product design for a good reason. In the hands or the right user ALIAS can be used for highly polished Class A surfacing with perfect highlights, but where it really shines is during the early phases of designing any product when the ability to go from sketch to seeing a relatively refined product on screen very quickly is critical. What then becomes even more critical is the ability to do substantial changes to that model without loosing days of refinement. After rapid rounds of changes an package checks, the model must then made ready for quick output to prototypes such as clay, milled foam, stereo lithography or fiber tooling.

DESIGNADE's ALIAS surfacing specialists are veterans of concept modeling. Many have years of experience in the show car business where highly complex yet creative parts need to be sculpted in 3D very quickly. They must then go though rapid rounds of successful changes to bring an entire car with hundreds of parts to prototype level and into reality within months.

Whether we are helping you design a car or a wrist watch, we can get your design into 3d in a matter of hours rather than weeks. As we do this we build certain amounts of version control and history into the parts so they can be modified rapidly and interactively as we sit down with your the designer to get the nuances of your masterpiece just right.

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